German clubshow in Pfungstad (D)       

Murphy de l’Amouraudière : 2d exc RCAC interm. class
Lorette de l’Amouraudière ( Owner : Sonja Moser) 1st CAC interm. Class
Déesse de l’Amouraudière ( Owner: Sonja Moser) 1st exc veteran class and best of breed for the 4th year at 9.5 years !!
Congratulations Sonja and Déesse ; no dog ever made such a result on the club show
Picture of Murphy   
Picture of Lorette   
Picture of Déesse

Rally obedience (D)       

Déesse de l’Amouraudière and Sonja Moser have compeet in beginner’s class 86/100
Holly de l’Amouraudière and Aline Moser made 1st place in class 1 with 97/100
Congratulations to both of you !!