Quality puppies from carefully selected combinations

L’union de notre multi-championne Joyce de l’amouraudière ( Ch.Elite de l’âme du loup × bog des marais du diable, brevet ring )et de Gibbs des feux du bas-rouge (Artzain du DGV ring 3 x championne des feux du bas rouge ) cot 4, obéissance 1 a eu lieu fin avril 2019 .
Nous attendons donc des bébés pour les 1ers jours de juillet 2019 😍, gestation confirmée

Genetically Identified

Puppies will be chosen based on the order of reservation

If you are interested in a puppy, don’t hesitate to contact us from now.
We love to meet the probably future owners of our puppies, only after reservation.
Our experience from over the yaers gives us the opportunity to help with the right choice of your puppy and to garantee a quality support as long as needed.

You can find our contacts on the info pages.