Our story


We bought our first Beauceron, Etoille, in 1979. We were so blessed by this French Shepherd that we decided to add another 3 years later.

Fascinated by this fantastic, versatile breed we decided to start a small breeding program. We did extensive research to find a male that was excelled in work and beauty. Our focus from the beginning was to produce stable working dogs that were also beautiful. This dedication to preserve correct Beauceron temperament and morphology led not only to many champions of beauty but to many working titled (RCI and Schutzhund (IPO) Beaucerons as well.

In 12 generations we have had excellent results, not only in Belgium, but world wide as well!

  • 5 worldchampions
  • 1 champion of France
  • 1 vice-champion of France
  • 5 international champions beauty
  • 12 international champions show
  • 10 Belgian champions beauty
  • 11 Belgian champions show
  • 14 champions of The Netherlands
  • 17 champions of Luxemburg
  • 1 champion of Sweden
  • 1 champion of Denmark
  • 12 champions of Germany
  • 3 champions of Finland
  • 7 champions of Switserland
  • 1 champion of Mexico
  • 1 champion of USA

But also :

  • Belgian Winner in 1995-1996-1997-1998-1999-2001-2003-2004
  • Brussels Winner in 1995-2000-2003-2004
  • Deutsche Bundessieger 1997-1998-2000
  • CAC at the Fench racespecial in 1998
  • RCAC at the Fench racespecial in 2004
  • CAC at the Swedish racespecial in 2000
  • CAC at the Luxemburg racespecial in 2001 and 2002
  • RCAC at the Belgian racespecial in 2001 and 2002
  • Best in show at the German racespecial in 1998
  • Best in show at the Belgian racespecial in 2001-2007-2008
  • Most beautiful working dog at the Brussel Show on 15/12/2002
  • Best dog in group 1 at Veele (NL) in 2017
  • Best breeder in group 1 of the Belgian Pedigree challenge in 1998
  • Best beauceron of the French Pedigree challenge in 1998
  • Best beauceron of the Belgian Pedigree challenge in 2001 et 2002
  • 14 dogs with cotation 4 (recommended) in France
  • 3 dogs with cotation 3 (excellent) in France

And more than 384 CAC – 292 CACIB – 187 Best of Breed.

Not mentioning all the dogs of our breeding spread all over the world who won their titles in work and/or beauty.

The most known dog of course is Sandy who won the CAC in the French racespecial in 1998 and owns 8 championship titles and 1 RC1

Breeding stays a passion, but working with these dogs is so much more.