Since 1983, we have a high quality, family breeding of beauceron , the race we are loyal to since 1979, the race that stole our hart.

Our passion for these dogs lead us breeding, at a small regular basis, with a maximum of 2 nests per year, or course always with other females.

We pay a lot of attention to raise and to socialise the pups to the maximum, for which it is impossible for us to have more than 2 nests a yaer. We want to breed with passion, without obligations, our breeding is absolutely no puppy mill.

In 2012, we were rewarded with the meritorious medal “Golden Palm” by the Royal Society of Cynologists St-Hubertus for 30 years of participating at shows and racespecials. This very rare honor sign was awarded for the first time at an owner or a breeder of beauceron.

We were also the first sportif elite breeding of the Royal Society St-Hubertus from 1990 till the end of the awards of this title bij RSSH.
The pups are born in our family, raised and socialized to the maximum. Our dogs are tested for hip dysplasia and are genetically identified. We have a numerous of showtitles and championship titles.

With over 35 years of experience, we will help you with the choice and follow-up of your puppy with professional advise.

Approval number : HK01600136


Sandy de l’Amouraudière Elite A
Zarko et Capitaine de l’Amouraudière IPO-RCI 3