Oh Pérac de l’Amouraudière

Titles Champion of Belgium youth 2016
Champion of Netherlands youth 2016
Luxembourg champion 2017
German champion 2018
NL Champion 2018
Belgium show champion 2019
Benelux champion 2019
Other titles Benelux Junior Winner 2016
Bundesseiger 2017
Europasieger 2017 – 2018
Belgian Winner 2017
Benelux Winner (Lux) 2017
Benelux Winner (Be) 2017
Best of Breed of the German National d’élevage 2018
Benelux Winner (Be) 2019
Other results
Genetically Identified

Belgian social behaving test

ED 0/O, SD O/O, heart ultrasound : free

Pedigree of Oh Pérac de l’Amouraudière